What is The Warehouse?

The Warehouse is Living to Go's youth department. Our heart is to create an environment for students to experience God and to grow in their spiritual journey. We challenge and encourage students to make intentional choices that lead to a healthy spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical life. We do not claim to have all the answers, we actually encourage our young people to ask questions to deepen their faith. However, we want to help our students navigate life through the wisdom and teachings of Scripture.

This is also a place where students can connect with one another. We know how important relationships are at this pivotal time in the adolescent years. Wednesday night youth services are a great time for connections to happen. We also have trips, events, camps, and conferences we participate in throughout the year. We challenge our students to cultivate a love for God, love for people, and love for self. When we grow in these areas, we change the world.

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Friday, Nov 17